Choosing the Right Teeth Whitening System

Those of us who drink coffee every day are probably familiar with the staining effect it can have on our teeth. The yellowed smile of a coffee drinker or a smoker tends to cause anxiety during social events, and can make intimacy difficult or embarrassing. These tips are designed to help anyone choose the right teeth whitening system to help improve smiles and keep teeth white.


Toothpaste helps to remove the stains on our teeth using a mild abrasive, which gently polishes teeth while scraping away stains. Whitening toothpaste does not contain bleach, so it is typically good for removing surface stains only. An alternative is to rinse with peroxide after brushing, but be sure that you brush for at least two minutes twice a day to get the best results.

Strips and Gels

Recent advancements in whitening technology have allowed the creation of gel strips. Applied directly to one’s teeth, these strips are usually applied twice a day for two weeks straight. Expect to see results within the first few days, and teeth will stay white for about four months at a time. Strips are extremely thin, and borderline invisible. Some are coated in a peroxide-based gel that helps to strengthen teeth enamel as well. Strips are to be used in thirty minute intervals, so be careful that you don’t overdo it. You may end up with ugly splotches of white on your teeth, instead of the even white color that you would expect.


Hydrogen peroxide is cheap to buy, and it can whiten your teeth. Peroxide based mouthwashes are equally useful for those who have wear on their enamel. These mouthwashes not only whiten teeth, they also freshen breath and reduce plaque. Swish the mouthwash around inside the mouth after a session of brushing. After about 60 seconds, spit and rinse with water. It’s common to see results within twelve weeks, but rinses may not be as effective as a whitening gel or toothpaste.

Final Thoughts

Whitening products are not cure-alls for a lifestyle problem. You should not expect to whiten teeth with a strip, then drink coffee for the month and still have a white smile. You must make adjustments to your lifestyle, including seeing a dentist every six months. An office cleaning can be effective for teeth whitening. The dentist may also offer an in-office procedure that can whiten your teeth for a small fee. The effects tend to last longer as well.

BY: Dr. Sid Solomon is an expert cosmetic dentist with over twenty years of experience. Dr Sid Solomon DDS specializes in full mouth and aesthetic reconstructions. You can read Sid Solomon DDS reviews online, or book an appointment now.