From Spray Tan Equipment to Solutions- the 101 on Spray Tanning

There are many different products and companies out there in todays’ markets that promote spray tanning as a great option for sunless tanning. Some companies such as Artesian Tan sell products both for the individual user or for tanning salons. And others are simply tanning salons, dedicated to providing you a pleasurable experience with your spray tan purchase. Below are listed some things that go into your creating your own spray tan, so you can determine if you would prefer a DIY approach or a salon.

Spray Tanning Equipment

The equipment and effort needed for spray tanning is quicker and simpler than that of tanning lotions or gel. All that is needed is the solution you would like to use and the airgun/airbrush to spray the mist on, if you are doing it from home. Another option is to go to a tanning salon, which uses the same approach, but on a larger scale. There is very little effort involved in this and the tan will start to show within 45 minutes to an hour. The only cons to using this approach is that it tends to be a bit more expensive because of the extra labor- a helper is needed for this. Also, some people see it as time consuming to visit a tanning salon every few weeks. The pros however, could be viewed as relaxation time at the tanning salon, or the most convenient way to get a tan.

Spray Tanning Solutions

If you choose to do your spray tanning from home, you will need to find your tanning solution, or essentially to pick the color that you would like your skin to tan to. As long as the solution contains the active ingredient DHA, or dihydroxyacetone, any type of solution will do. DHA is the chemical that changes your skin color until your skin sheds, and a reapplication is needed. These solutions often come in various fragrances, since DHA tends to have a strong odor associated with it.

Airbrush Tanning Solutions

This is the same thing as spray-tanning solutions, except it is utilized specifically by airbrushes. It is recommended that DHA should still be the primary ingredient, since it is the most effective tanning solution on the market.

Really, spray tanning is that easy! Now that you know what goes into it, you can decide to either purchase the equipment yourself and have a tanning party with your closest girlfriends, or treat yourself to a nice afternoon out with a stop at the tanning salon.


Guest post provided by Artesian Tan, producers of spray tanning solutions, tanning equipment, and more. Visit their website at for more information.