Asian Full Body Massages in NYC

Written by Garden Retreat Spa

Asian massage therapy technique involve massage style such as the tui na and anma hailing from China, the shiatsu which has Japanese origins or the Thai massage. These forms of massages use various ranges of motion such as gliding, strokes, cross-fiber friction or kneading to achieve muscles relaxation and enhance the circulation of the blood.

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Benefits and Features

Each of these massage technique present the receiver with their own benefits. Acupressure, which is practised in most cases, helps to trigger the body’s self-healing properties. This is beneficial to people suffering from back pain, headaches and migraines. It also helps to ease up anxiety and stress. These types of massages are also beneficial in weight management. People living particularly hectic and busy lives benefit from these massages. Moreover, athletes and people who workout often would also derive physiological and psychological benefits from muscle massages.

Generally, an Asian massage therapy contributes to improving the blood circulation. It also allow the whole body system to function more efficiently. These massage therapies help in naturally alleviating several forms of muscle pains. This reduces the need for an individual to take pain medications. This type of therapy is not only beneficial to the physical well-being, it also helps to promote a better mood and enhance the emotional wellbeing. These forms of treatment are meant to provide relief but they do not replace regular allopathic treatment.

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