Transformative Makeup

Whether you realize it or not, we are currently living in the era of transformative makeup more than ever before. With the 20th century firmly behind us, the new millennium has jumpstarted an astounding transformation of makeup by the industry’s biggest international cosmetics firms. Undoubtedly, the ability of makeup to transform has become highly regarded as an art form and there has been a slew of new looks that have become idolized and copied the world over. The old adage goes ‘what’s old is new again’ and it aptly fits when it comes to the current rejuvenation being seen in the makeup industry. The following examples are considered vintage makeup that has made the leap to the mainstream after debuting generations ago to wild acclaim.

The Power of Pastels

Now is definitely not the time to be afraid of color when there are some many more amazing shades of blue, red, pink, and vibrant yellow than ever before. Heavily featured throughout the 50s and 60s, booming color is now the name of the game and women shouldn’t be afraid to transform their lips from regular red to purple and bright orange. These are the colors that are stirring up traffic across concrete jungles the world over and show no signs of slowing down.

Pout It Out!

There’s nothing like an overdrawn lip to scream sensuality, seductiveness, and a bit of moxie. Back in the day, movie star Marlene Dietrich was a big supporter of the look, which dictates going outside the lip’s natural line to get a pout that is full on and curvy to the core. In the new millennium, all generations of women are using this age-old trick to enhance the natural features of their faces.

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The 5 Most Misused Beauty Products

beauty-products-misusedA beauty practice is often inherited. Many young women see their sisters or mother applying makeup and they learn the practices that they will use for the rest of their lives. Whether you will admit it or not, some parts of your beauty routine have been greatly influenced by a relative or friend that…might not really know that they are doing, believe it or not. Whether you are applying a highlighter to your red spots of blemishes or damaging your eye lashes, here’s where you may be going wrong with these 5 most misused beauty products.

#1 Highlighters/Concealer Pens
While many different products have concealing properties, highlighters or concealing pens are often the most misused product, when you should really use is a creamy concealer. Highlighters and pens are sometimes wrongly used in order to cover redness and blemishes and actually end up drawing more attention to the affected area. Instead, highlighters and concealer pens are a better idea for handling dark under-eye circles as long as they work with your skin tone.

#2 Spot Treatments
If you’re not used to having pimples or acne, a very simple blemish can already cause a panic that can lead to a dramatic misuse or selection of the wrong beauty products. Spot treatments are not meant for long-term use and certainly aren’t meant to be placed all over your face. A lot of woman with very small problem areas are already using spot treatments or acne cleaners as their preventative measure which can actually cause thinning and excessive dryness on skin. In order to prevent these cases from happening, you need to consult a professional.

#3 Eyelash Curlers
You need to understand that not all eyelash curlers are similar. If you happen to use wrong curler or apply too much pressure to your eye, you can damage your lashes and this can eventually lead to them falling out. When using beauty eyelash curlers, apply pressure in short bursts rather than with a big squeeze. On the other hand, when buying an eye curler, you should look carefully at your eye shape and compare it to the curler. Keep in mind that buying a popular eyelash brand doesn’t automatically mean that it is right for you.

#4 Foundation
A lot of women misunderstand the real purpose of using foundation. It’s not there to provide you an instant tan or to cover your pimples or acne—foundation is there to balance or even out your skin tone. If you have pimples, foundation can be your first beauty step to having a full coverage. However, many women go wrong by using more foundation than what they really need. The majority of women can get away with using a tinted moisturizer or a sheer foundation because the texture of their skin is naturally good.

#5 Contour

Using contour can make or break your appearance, especially if you have a fuller-cheek baby face, but wrong application of the product, or using it in wrong color, can be very obvious. Before buying one, make sure that it complements your skin tone and you know how to apply it properly.

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