Making the Most Out of Your Spa’s Furniture

If you run a spa, you know there are a million things to keep your eye on in order to guarantee the best service for your customers. One of your primary concerns should be the furniture you use. Keep in mind that the majority of the time your customer spends at your spa will be in those chairs and on those beds. Without taking the time to make the best selection, you can expect dissatisfied customers who will not be returning.

A facial bed is one of the most common forms of furniture use in a spa. That’s because, to put it simply, people love getting facials. It’s a relaxing experience that ends up making your skin look great too. However, if the bed you’re using to administer these facials isn’t doing its job, your staff can’t do theirs.

Look for a facial bed that will be able to accommodate whoever your customer is. Remember that they come in all shapes and sizes, so look for one that can adjust if necessary.

A pedicure chair deservers the same kind of concern. Unlike other spa furniture, it doesn’t have to be so different from the normal version. It just needs to be extremely comfortable to sit in, while allowing the customers feet to sit gently where your staff can reach them easily.


Article submitted by Comfort Soul. The company sells all the salon furniture you need to run your business, plus the supplies to maintain it in operating condition.