What Makes Jewellery Art Deco?

This article was written by Cynthia Findlay Antiques.

When women want to dazzle with their vintage jewelry, they often choose pieces from the Art Deco era. Items such as Art Deco rings exude fun and confidence. They are reminders of the Jazz Age of the 1920s and the luxury and opulence that came with the era. Adding Art Deco items to your collection of jewelry is a surefire way to bring some sparkle to your look.

The Art Deco era marked a turn away from the ornate, frilly and decidedly feminine pieces of the Edwardian era. Lines were bold and crisp, with hard edges and sharp corners replacing cursive flourishes and rounded arcs. This was made possible largely because of some major advances to the technology of cutting and shaping jewelry. This included the invention of the modern “brilliant cut” that truly emphasized the brilliance of diamonds. In addition, new casting techniques allowed jewelry makers to create settings that were more detailed than ever before.

There are several ways to identify jewelry items that are from the Art Deco era. Among the most common identifying characteristics of Art deco pieces such as antique rings are:

Materials: Some of the most common materials for Art Deco jewelry include Bakelite, white gold, silver, rubies, pearls and metals such as chrome or steel. Platinum is also very common, as jewelers had only recently learned how to use platinum in jewelry.

Designs: Most Art Deco jewelry is based around geometric shapes with sharp angles. Expect to see many vibrant, primary colors instead of muted earthtones. Designs are typically symmetrical and are accented with the use of precious stones.

Type of Jewellery: Brooches, earrings, bracelets and necklaces are among the pieces most often associated with the Art Deco movement. But perhaps no item is more closely associated with the Art Deco movement than rings – specifically engagement rings.

This article was written by Cynthia Findlay Antiques. Cynthia Findlay Antiques has a large collection of vintage jewellery available at deeply discounted prices available for sale to the public.