Women Jacket Trends To Watch Out For

Written by Jacket Society

Jacket trends are constantly evolving and women are faced with numerous choices when it comes to wearing the jacket in style. With spring and summer just around the corner, you might think that the jacket would be banished from your wardrobe. However, these modern jackets for women trends show that these clothing items are ideal to worn even during hotter months.

Boyfriend Blazer

Womens boyfriend blazer is ideal for warmer months. This is because this jacket represents everything’s that casual and is thus ideally worn with shorts or slim jeans. The boyfriend blazer being quite loose and voluminous does not warm up the wearer so much as a regular blazer would. For the summer denim boyfriend blazers can be worn with vibrant colored leggings and shorts. Casual pencil skirts in flower prints would also complement the boyfriend blazer.

Vibrant Colors

For the summer, there is nothing better than wearing vibrant colors. However, for office settings, these colors might be toned down. Instead, you might focus on wearing colors that are reminiscent of more vibrants ones without necessarily clashing with the formal office environment. As such colors such as toned down pinks or pastel blues might be opted for when choosing a blazer. Blazers in these colors complement jeans as well as pants. They can be worn with a plain white t-shirt.

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