One-of-a-kind bracelets

Written by TooCuteBeads

Bracelets make great fashion statements, especially around summer time. But they can also be worn all year round provided that they are paired with the right outfit and style. The thing about bracelets and jewelry in general is that you would not want to wear something common that everyone has. In order to make a statement, you might be looking for something unique and crafty.


If you are looking for one-of-a-kind bracelets, you might consider choosing a designer piece at a jeweler’s shop. You would be certain of finding a unique piece that would be worn by you only. The downside to this is that unique designer pieces come with a huge price tag. If it’s for your wedding or any other special occasion, then the price tag could be worthwhile. If you are looking for unique pieces for your everyday wear or to gift to friends for their birthday, you might consider making your own jewelry.

DIY jewelry projects are fun and would allow you to be creative. You can make use of beads, stones and other jewelry findings to craft bracelets and other jewelries to suit your outfits. If you are looking for elegant bracelets for work and to complement your party wear, you might opt for Swarovski crystal beads. Bracelets made out of Swarovski crystals generally look classy and are great for night-time events. DIY jewelry pieces also make for great gifting ideas.

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