Crash Course: Finding Estate Jewelry for Newbies

Most estate sales occur when the owner of the property decides to downgrade to a smaller space, or if the owner has passed. Estate sales can also occur as a means to pay off debts, or to help settle a divorce as well. These sales were devised to liquidate an estate quite quickly, so sellers are often selling pieces like antique engagement rings for well below value. If you’re enticed, read on.

According to Cynthia Findlay Antiques, you can find a great deal at estate sales. You might find vintage dining sets, silverware or clocks.antique-clock In many ways, an estate sale is a bit like a yard sale but the goods sold are usually of higher quality.

Collectors come to estate sales seeking art deco rings or necklaces, others might be looking for classic cars. You might even meet some antique dealers who have an eye for these sorts of events. These people are usually very savvy and finding a good item can be quite difficult under such competitive conditions.

The most desirable items tend to sell fairly quickly, but they are usually priced affordably too. If you have the ability to walk the home, look at the attic or the basement to see if you can find items others may have overlooked.

If the estate sale is handled by an auction company, they may have estate jewellery or trinkets listed with photographs already on the website. That will save valuable time when you arrive, as you won’t need to assess what you want. You can just bid on the items you care about.

Just remember, all sales are final.

The Joy of a Cynthia Findlay Gift

This holiday season, consider purchasing a rare vintage ring or set of earrings for the one you love from Cynthia Findlay Antiques. Cynthia Findlay’s legendary vintage jewellery collection has been created with more than 35 years of experience and knowledge of vintage, antique, and estate jewellery. Each piece of jewellery has been hand-selected for quality and beauty. During the holidays or any meaningful occasion, one of her rare treasures signals a beautiful moment that will stay with the recipient for a lifetime.

The Circular Diamond Brooch is the perfect gift for the holidays. This platinum and 14 karat white gold openwork circular brooch features one old European cut diamond (1.40 carats: SI1 clarity: G-H color), eight old European cut diamonds (1.06 carats: VS clarity: G-H color), and 216 old mine cut diamonds (1.73 carats: SI clarity: G-H color).

Cynthia Findlay also presents the Filigree Engagement Ring, an impressive vintage 18 karate white gold filigree engagement ring. It features one old mind cut diamond (1.47 carats: VS1 clarity: I-J color) and two single cut diamonds (0.07 carats: VS clarity: G-H color).

Cynthia Findlay’s collection also includes jewelry that reflects the unique signature of Art Deco rings. The Art Deco Bracelet is an 18 karat yellow gold and rhodim plated bracelet, featuring seven old European cut diamonds (0.21 carats: SI-I1 clarity: G-H color), thirty-two rose cut diamonds (0.74 carats: SI clarity: G-H color), fourteen scissor cut synthetic blue sapphires (0.83 carats).

These unique Cynthia Findlay pieces are available online and at Cynthia Findlay Antiques in Toronto, Canada.  For more information about the Circular Diamond Brooch, the Filigree Engagement Ring, or the Art Deco Bracelet, please contact the company.

This blog was provided by Cynthia Findlay Antiques, an antique, estate, and contemporary jewellery retailer located in Toronto, Canada. To explore the rest of her vintage rings, please visit the website.

Purchasing Quality Diamond Substitute Jewelry That Does Not Break The Bank

Saving your wallet and buying jewelry usually do not go in the same sentence.  With cushion cut Cubic Zirconia rings though, they actually can.  Buying something such as CZ matching ring sets can make for a memorable gift giving experience between you and your loved one.

Cubic Zirconia Loose Stones

Jewelry continues to maintain its place as one of the premiere purchases in the eyes of all women.  It is a symbol of prestige and beauty, but unfortunately is out of reach for many people due to its price.  Thankfully, there has been a major growth in popularity and quality of different types of simulation diamonds.  These include simulation diamonds such as the Cubic Zirconia.  This particular stone is known as one of the highest quality and affordable substitutes for a real diamond in the entire world.  In many instances, expert gemologists will openly admit that they simply cannot tell the difference unless they do very specific testing to see if anything seems out of whack.  With the continuing popularity of jewelry, there is always a diamond for jewelry that looks absolutely tremendous, but is not going to break the bank.  Not everyone can afford jewelry, but if you shop in an intelligent manner, you can afford more than you may think.

Baby Bracelet of Value –

When your baby is born you cannot stop thinking of gifts to buy for him or her. This is a natural emotional response of a parent who loves their child. You buy them blankets, toys, clothes, and anything else you can imagine. You can add to this list, birthstone bracelets that celebrate the time of the year he or she was born. This color will become his or her color as he or she grows and stares at this color on his or her wrist, day in and day out.


There are so many ways to adorn your little one with grace, but you must be careful that you do not use anything that can harm your little one. Parts that can come off and lodge themselves in his or her throat or chemicals used to make the item that can poison your little one, are some issues you must address when selecting that special gift for your baby.

Your baby may not thank you today, because of course he or she cannot speak very well, if at all. However, as they grow up, they will look on their baby things with fond reminiscence, even though they may not remember it directly. So do not underestimate the value in buying bracelets for your baby.

When you are ready to buy a bracelet, you can select your baby bracelet or name bracelets from Savannahs Treasures, knowing that they will be sent quickly and that they care about your baby. Build memories for your child’s future.

Investing in Gold Coins – A Great Idea

Are you interested in finding out about the different kinds of gold coins in which you can invest? Does the idea of buying mint proof coin sets excite you? Then you are not alone. There are many different people who have gotten into buying gold coins because they know that gold is such a safe investment.  Along with other kinds of precious metals, gold is one of the safest investments that you can make that isn’t going to go down in price. 

There are many different types of gold coins that you are able to choose from, and there are many different denominations that are available on the market.  The precious metals market is one that has become very popular due to the downturn in the economy recently.  People buy the precious metals because they know that they are not going to be losing money because of that investment.

When you are looking at gold coins that you want to buy, you’ll want to figure out what kind of coins are right for you. There are many that you can choose from, so you want to know that you are buying the one that is going to be affordable for you and that will work best in the long run.

For information about gold coins and coin sets, a good place to go is Golden Eagle Coins. This site has a lot of information and will answer a lot of the questions that you have about investing in gold coins.