Crash Course: Finding Estate Jewelry for Newbies

Most estate sales occur when the owner of the property decides to downgrade to a smaller space, or if the owner has passed. Estate sales can also occur as a means to pay off debts, or to help settle a divorce as well. These sales were devised to liquidate an estate quite quickly, so sellers are often selling pieces like antique engagement rings for well below value. If you’re enticed, read on.

According to Cynthia Findlay Antiques, you can find a great deal at estate sales. You might find vintage dining sets, silverware or clocks.antique-clock In many ways, an estate sale is a bit like a yard sale but the goods sold are usually of higher quality.

Collectors come to estate sales seeking art deco rings or necklaces, others might be looking for classic cars. You might even meet some antique dealers who have an eye for these sorts of events. These people are usually very savvy and finding a good item can be quite difficult under such competitive conditions.

The most desirable items tend to sell fairly quickly, but they are usually priced affordably too. If you have the ability to walk the home, look at the attic or the basement to see if you can find items others may have overlooked.

If the estate sale is handled by an auction company, they may have estate jewellery or trinkets listed with photographs already on the website. That will save valuable time when you arrive, as you won’t need to assess what you want. You can just bid on the items you care about.

Just remember, all sales are final.