The Importance of Cleaning Your Treasured Religious Jewelry

Summary: Taking time out of your day to clean your religious jewelry every so often can keep it looking shiny and as good as new.

Each timeless piece of religious jewelry that you own should be cleaned and handled with gentle care, so it can gleam brightly and brilliantly like it once did when you first purchased it.

Beyond the Shine

Now, the importance of cleaning your jewelry actually goes beyond just making it look shiny and new. While it’s great to own a polished piece that’s in good condition, you must understand that it’s also important to prevent it from being damaged from oils, dirt, and bacteria. This not only prolongs the life of your jewelry, but it’s hygienic as well.

If you’re looking to avoid cleaning your jewelry often, it’s important to ensure that it remains as clean as possible when you are wearing it. There are numerous environmental factors that will affect your jewelry throughout the day which causes it to become dirty and dull. However, with proper care, you avoid this.

An Ongoing Process

Keeping that precious religious jewelry clean is a process that never stops as long as you wear them. Even if you’re just collecting them, it’s best to clean them every now and then. However, one way that you can avoid damaging your jewelry is to take each piece off when you’re cleaning the house or cooking – as dirt, oil, and other environmental factors can have a dire effect. Also, avoid getting any perfume, hair spray, and other chemicals away from your jewelry as it will eventually build up a layer of grime that takes away from the overall shine of the piece – if caught early, it can be easily removed.

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Crash Course: Finding Estate Jewelry for Newbies

Most estate sales occur when the owner of the property decides to downgrade to a smaller space, or if the owner has passed. Estate sales can also occur as a means to pay off debts, or to help settle a divorce as well. These sales were devised to liquidate an estate quite quickly, so sellers are often selling pieces like antique engagement rings for well below value. If you’re enticed, read on.

According to Cynthia Findlay Antiques, you can find a great deal at estate sales. You might find vintage dining sets, silverware or clocks.antique-clock In many ways, an estate sale is a bit like a yard sale but the goods sold are usually of higher quality.

Collectors come to estate sales seeking art deco rings or necklaces, others might be looking for classic cars. You might even meet some antique dealers who have an eye for these sorts of events. These people are usually very savvy and finding a good item can be quite difficult under such competitive conditions.

The most desirable items tend to sell fairly quickly, but they are usually priced affordably too. If you have the ability to walk the home, look at the attic or the basement to see if you can find items others may have overlooked.

If the estate sale is handled by an auction company, they may have estate jewellery or trinkets listed with photographs already on the website. That will save valuable time when you arrive, as you won’t need to assess what you want. You can just bid on the items you care about.

Just remember, all sales are final.

Three Fantastic Vintage Tableware Finds

Written by Cynthia Findlay Antiques

Vintage tableware can add character and elegance to your dinner parties and events. Made of high-quality materials and featuring unique and exquisite patterns, your vintage tableware pieces are sure to stay with you long after the event is over. Entertain in style with these three fantastic vintage tableware finds.

Antique Oyster Plates

Love oysters? It’s time to serve oysters at your next dinner party. Thousands of oyster plates are introduced each year but none can compare to the timeless pieces you can find at vintage shops. These classic pieces might seem old but they reflect fresh lines, bright florals, and unique motifs.

Antique Soup Tureens

There’s nothing like homemade soup on the menu. But this means you will need a lovely soup tureen to present the meal and keep it warm. Practical and decorative, a beautiful soup tureen adds beauty and function to the dinner table. So why go vintage? A vintage soup tureen adds that extra element of history and décor you can’t find in contemporary tableware.

Antique Salt and Pepper Mills

Do you need new salt and pepper mills? How about purchasing vintage ones? It’s easy to add flavor and style to your dinner parties with vintage salt and pepper mills. These unique and rare tableware pieces feature traditional elegance and unique design.

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Three Antique Gift Ideas for Men

Written by Cynthia Findlay Antiques

Are you searching for a special gift for the man in your life — Something valuable that he will treasure for years to come? Whether he is your husband, brother, or father, the man in your life might appreciate a gift from the antique store. Antique shops hold unique items that men might not only find valuable but also practical. Here are three antique gift ideas for men:


Men’s Antique Jewellery

Does your dad, brother, or partner appreciate fine jewellery? Then he might love to receive antique rings, a bracelet or a necklace as a gift. Antique stores are full of unique men’s jewellery, making it easy to find a piece that matches his taste and sense of style. In addition to men’s jewellery, you can also find a selection of cufflinks and watch fobs.

Antique Collectibles

If the special man in your life enjoys collecting, an antique store might just have what he’s looking for. A great way to start is to contact your local antique store and ask them if they carry the certain type of collectible that your father or husband enjoys collecting. Or, you can start them on a new collection by purchasing something completely new.

Antique Store Gift Certificate

Most men love a good treasure hunt! If you’re really stuck and don’t know what type of antique product you want to buy, consider purchasing an antique store gift certificate. To make the hunt convenient, make sure that you buy a gift certificate from a local store or from a shop with a great website. This way the special man in your life doesn’t have to go far to visit the store and find a treasure he’s happy with.

Cynthia Findlay Antiques offers estate, modern and vintage jewellery, including a large selection of art deco rings.

One-of-a-kind bracelets

Written by TooCuteBeads

Bracelets make great fashion statements, especially around summer time. But they can also be worn all year round provided that they are paired with the right outfit and style. The thing about bracelets and jewelry in general is that you would not want to wear something common that everyone has. In order to make a statement, you might be looking for something unique and crafty.


If you are looking for one-of-a-kind bracelets, you might consider choosing a designer piece at a jeweler’s shop. You would be certain of finding a unique piece that would be worn by you only. The downside to this is that unique designer pieces come with a huge price tag. If it’s for your wedding or any other special occasion, then the price tag could be worthwhile. If you are looking for unique pieces for your everyday wear or to gift to friends for their birthday, you might consider making your own jewelry.

DIY jewelry projects are fun and would allow you to be creative. You can make use of beads, stones and other jewelry findings to craft bracelets and other jewelries to suit your outfits. If you are looking for elegant bracelets for work and to complement your party wear, you might opt for Swarovski crystal beads. Bracelets made out of Swarovski crystals generally look classy and are great for night-time events. DIY jewelry pieces also make for great gifting ideas.

Too Cute Beads is an online store selling beads as well as earring kits for DIY jewelry projects.

Top Reasons to Purchase Vintage Jewellery

Written by Cynthia Findlay Antiques

Why would anyone buy vintage jewellery instead of contemporary pieces? If you’re on the fence about purchasing vintage jewellery, we understand. Not everyone sees the value in owning vintage rings that are old or have been worn before. But there are many good reasons that investing in vintage jewellery might be a smarter choice than going for new pieces. Cynthia Findlay Antiques offers the following top reasons to buy vintage jewellery.

It’s an Investment

It can be argued that buying any real jewellery such as diamonds and gold is an investment. But vintage jewellery is especially an investment because it’s already stood the test of time. Jewellery that was designed and manufactured before our time is usually of higher quality than the pieces created today.

It’s Always in Style

Do you have jewellery that is out of style? Contemporary jewellery styles come and go, but vintage jewellery is always in fashion. This means that you can always wear your vintage ring or necklace without worrying about whether it’s out of style. While you can wait around for contemporary jewellery to come back in style again, it’s better to have some classic pieces that you can count on.

Cynthia Findlay Antiques offers estate, contemporary and vintage jewellery, including a large selection of Art Deco rings.

Creating your own earrings through jewelry kits

Written by Too Cute Beads

There are a host of different items that one can have in a jewelry kit. Others can opt to have some Beadingtogether with some charms and some fancy stones while others also prefer to have beaded jewelry kitsand concentrate primarily on beaded jewelry. You can string these all together with a chain, or some string as well. The point here is that regardless of the material that you opt to use, you will still be able to produce jewelry. If you’re starting out, it’s also quite ideal for you to begin by trying to create earrings from your jewelry kits. If you’re wondering why you should start with earrings, it’s because these are quite smaller in size as opposed to bracelets and necklaces. So whether you’re creating loop earrings, dangling, chandelier or stud earrings, you’ll find that it’s easier to create because it’s smaller. But of course, don’t think that it’s easy to create one. For starters, you need to be creative to come up with a nice design, and you also need to learn the basics in making jewelry as well for you to be able to correctly make one. Jewelry making is a skill, and it takes time to learn it – and it takes even more time to master it. If you think you have the patience and the ability to learn how to make jewelry, you should definitely try this out. If you’re good at it, you can even try selling your jewelry and make some income on the side.


Items like Swarovski crystal beadsas well as charms, chains, and even leather are in stock and readily available for you to purchase. And the prices for these items are also quite affordable too.

CZs Provide Fashionable Looks

Article Written by : Inexpensive Wedding Ideas

When you think of fashion, you may envision all the newest looks you’ve seen coming down the runway. Fashion can encompass a wide range and vast array of clothing options, but that’s not all. Jewelry falls under this broad umbrella and, depending on what you opt for, your choices in jewelry can make or break an entire outfit.

Fortunately, you have more options for jewelry than ever before, especially when it comes to the overall look and, best of all, the price. This is thanks in large part to CZ jewelry sets. Cubic Zirconia has been around for decades, but more and more people are finally coming around to its benefits. While CZs have always looked amazing, this recession has woken a lot of people up to the fact that they could receive an amazing look without droppin top dollar.

You really can get all types of fashionable looks too, whether you have your heart set on a Cubic Zirconia eternity ring or a necklace. That’s because Cubic Zirconia are so cheap, you can afford all types of stones of all sizes to end up with the finished look you want.

So don’t give up fashion just because you can’t afford it. Instead, just be sure to invest in the right types of stones and you’ll look—and feel—better than ever.




Purchasing an Antique Ring or an Estate Ring

Written by: Cynthia Findlay Antiques

Shopping for vintage jewellery can make your engagement a one-of-a-kind affair.

A new trend in engagement ring shopping is to shop for vintage jewellery. The one-of-a-kind look adds sentiment to the purchase, and the ring can be distinct depending on the era that it was made from. Some brides just want the character that an older ring can bring to their wedding set. Antique rings may also have a higher quality diamond, or a more elaborate design than a modern piece. Here are a few tips to help you decide on the kind of antique or estate ring you want to help symbolize your love.


An estate ring is most likely an heirloom. It’s usually sold an estate sale, or by a broker that is licensed to sell estate jewellery. Aside from how it’s sold, estate jewellery can refer to rings of any age, but the most popular styles are from 1910 to 1960.

Four Cs

All jewelers use a set of rules nicknamed the four c’s when appraising a ring for value. They first look at the cut of the diamond, get a feel for its clarity, then they observe color and make note of the carat. The diamonds for antique rings were typically cut by hand, so the stones should have a unique shape to them. The shimmer of the stone will also give you an idea of the clarity of it. Diamonds can also have soft tints, so choose a color that fits the style you want.

Care and Maintenance of Your Wedding Ring

Written by: Chic Jewelry

Searching for a wedding ring, and a marital partner, can take a long time. Getting married is an investment in your life, and one that you will hopefully grow throughout time. That love and companionship is symbolized in the ring that the two of you will wear for the rest of your lives. Taking care of that ring is an extension of taking care of your relationship, treat it with respect and it will shine for life.

You can and should insure the ring, but you may need a jewelry online repair shop to manage repairs if something happens.

Insure the Ring

The ring is a very valuable possession, not just financially but sentimentally as well. You should insure the ring to try to recoup losses if you ever lose it or it is stolen. You can add a jewelry rider to your home owner’s insurance policy, or you can buy into special insurance through an insurance group.

To get insurance for your ring, you will need to secure a few things first:

  • A description of the ring, including the cut, weight and metal
  • A closeup photo of the ring
  • Extra precautions you take for security, like a home security system

Secure these documents and you’re ready for insurance.

Cleaning a Ring

Your ring is subject to oils, dirt and grime from a variety of sources. Even the lotion you wear on your hands can cause damage to the ring over time. Soak the ring in warm water with a few drops of dishwashing liquid. It’s not a heavy duty cleaner, but it will keep the ring looking shiny day to day. You can also use ammonia and cold water to get the desired sheen. Note that the ammonia method works only with diamonds, so avoid use on a platinum cz anniversary ring.

Visiting the Jeweler

When it comes to a setting that is loose or in danger of breaking, it’s best to get professional ring repair done at your local jeweler. Ring maintenance can and should include visits twice per year to your jeweler. The jeweler will inspect the quality of the settings, and can clean the ring with professional grade cleaners too.

Day to Day

If you want your ring to last the longest, take it off when you are doing something that requires you to use your hands. Besides the physical safety (what if you broke your ring finger), activities like swimming or washing dishes can cause serious damage to your ring over time. Slip your ring off and keep it in a jewelry box or drawer. Don’t leave it out on vacation either, use the hotel safe to stash it.