Timeless Fashion Ideas for Men

Whether you are a young man who is trying to find his look, or an “old” man that wants to make sure you are still looking your best, there are some fashion tips that really are timeless. These tips will help you look and feel your best when you are heading out for a night on the town, or just heading off to work and want to impress your boss.

Keep it simple

When it comes to fashion tips, it can seem to some as though keeping it simple isn’t really going to work. They want to get dressed up to the nines to show off their awesome taste in clothes. The truth is that you want to keep it simple and pick out things that go with you body type and style. Even people that don’t know you are going to know if you are wearing a look that simply doesn’t look like it was meant for you.

This doesn’t mean to wear a t-shirt and jeans everywhere, but don’t be putting on a top hat or wearing highly polished loafers if you can’t pull the look off.

Know your environment

Don’t wear a three-piece suit if the environment is calling for khakis and a button-down shirt. You want to stand out, but not stick out like a sore thumb.

Buy clothing that goes with more than one thing

One way to have interchangeable clothing is to purchase clothes that have solid, neutral colors. Black and white go with everything. Navy and tan go with most.

Blog submitted by Dev Randhawa. Dev Randhawa is a US-born fashion blogger with a passion for men’s fashion and interior design.

Hairstyle Tips

The basic thing to consider in deciding which hairstyle is good for every person is the facial shape. There are 6 face shapes that are known to be oval, round, rectangle or oblong, square, heart, and diamond or triangle. The oval shape is considered to be a perfect shape for face. Its length is equal to 1 ½ times width; and any hairstyle would literally go well with this shape.

A round face is as wide as it is long; although sometimes the measurement has variations. For this shape, hair must be below the jaw line to make the face looks longer. Curly hairs must be long so it doesn’t add volume to the cheekbone. An oblong or rectangular shape is longer that it is wide. Women with this face shape are advised to try short to medium hair length. Like round, a square face is as wide as it is long, with a prominent square jaw line and hairline. For this particular shape, short to medium length of hair will look great. Adding wispy bangs will reduce the sharp edges of the face. The heart shape on the other hand has a prominent narrow jaw line and wide forehead or cheekbones. Long hairstyles, even chin-length ones are great for this shape.

Finally, the diamond or rectangular shape is just the opposite of the heart shape. The jaw line is prominent and the cheekbones and temples are narrower. Short hairstyles that balance the jaw line will look beautiful with this face shape. Actually, layered or tapered hair at the jaw would be perfect.

Transformative Makeup

Whether you realize it or not, we are currently living in the era of transformative makeup more than ever before. With the 20th century firmly behind us, the new millennium has jumpstarted an astounding transformation of makeup by the industry’s biggest international cosmetics firms. Undoubtedly, the ability of makeup to transform has become highly regarded as an art form and there has been a slew of new looks that have become idolized and copied the world over. The old adage goes ‘what’s old is new again’ and it aptly fits when it comes to the current rejuvenation being seen in the makeup industry. The following examples are considered vintage makeup that has made the leap to the mainstream after debuting generations ago to wild acclaim.

The Power of Pastels

Now is definitely not the time to be afraid of color when there are some many more amazing shades of blue, red, pink, and vibrant yellow than ever before. Heavily featured throughout the 50s and 60s, booming color is now the name of the game and women shouldn’t be afraid to transform their lips from regular red to purple and bright orange. These are the colors that are stirring up traffic across concrete jungles the world over and show no signs of slowing down.

Pout It Out!

There’s nothing like an overdrawn lip to scream sensuality, seductiveness, and a bit of moxie. Back in the day, movie star Marlene Dietrich was a big supporter of the look, which dictates going outside the lip’s natural line to get a pout that is full on and curvy to the core. In the new millennium, all generations of women are using this age-old trick to enhance the natural features of their faces.

Bio: Dev Randhawa manages her own fashion blog, where she discusses the latest trends in makeup and hair. For more information, follow Dev Randhawa.

Fashion Tips: How to Dress Slimmer

Well, it is a global fact that not all women are slim. But by not being slim, it doesn’t mean that a chubby woman is already ugly. Actually, it is only through media that the concept of beauty is put in a narrow box of being slender. On the other hand, chubby women who would want to look slimmer can do so by choosing the right kind of dress or outfit. Here are some easy steps.

  • Women with big busts will look slimmer if they wear a dress or top with a V-neckline and sleeves that are just above the elbow, or below it. Caps sleeves are a no-no as they can accentuate flabby and chunky arms.
  • Black dress or top can immediately help a chubby woman look slimmer as this color can hide bulges. Prints must be worn correctly. Horizontal prints are bad for chubby women as they add volume to the width of the body. Instead, vertical prints give an illusion of height.
  • The most flattering length of a dress or skirt for every woman, regardless of height is on or above the knee. Long skirts can actually make a woman look fatter, especially if she is not tall.
  • Jeans with pockets placed high on the behind create an illusion of slimmer buttocks. Smart stitching can create an optical illusion of slimming down the bum. Trousers need to fit comfortably, thus the waistline of the jeans must be fit around the waist just perfectly. Low-cut hipsters are not good for a woman with tummy as this will allow the stomach to set free. High-waist styles can hold the flabby tummy.

Being creative is always an answer to any situation that may seem difficult to manage. If losing weight will take time, then other means, like dressing correctly, could help make a person look slender while waiting for the effect of a diet.

Ladies Fashion Shoes and Handbags

Shoes and handbags are pretty the obsession of many women worldwide. These fashion articles can be designed in many different ways that capture the many different personalities of women. In fashion, it is said that the color of the shoes or the handbag must coordinate with each other, or with the color of the outfit. This helps make a wearer look neat and properly coordinated. Shoes and handbags are expensive as they are normally made to be sturdy for daily and long use. However, as an option for those who could not afford expensive ones, knock-offs and local brands are available for fashion purposes.

Shoes can be designers or can just be a plain simple and locally made ones. It actually doesn’t matter as long as it complements the wearer. Although, in some contexts, brands are highly considered in buying shoes to ensure that the footwear could last longer and that the wearer is comfortable while wearing them. Some of the best and popular designer shoes include Anne Klein, BCBG, Betsey Johnson, Beverly Feldman, Calvin Klein, Burberry, Blahnik, and many more.

Burberry, Chanel, Coach, and Gucci are just a few popular brands of designer bags. They are expensive but long-lasting bags that are not only very attractive, but also able to stylishly represent the personality of the wearer. Inexpensive chic handbags are also available as an alternative to expensive ones; however, they may not last very long. There are cheaper handbags that do not look cheap. To choose a good kind of, one must consider the stitching, the materials, lining, and zipper.

The Easiest Way to Get a Better Body

By Femmebasics.com

bodyEverybody wants, well, a better body. This is especially true for women though. Society places huge demands on them where their waistlines are concerned. It can be difficult to even know where to start, especially if you have had children.

Fortunately, waist cinchers are here to help. They’re simple pieces of clothing that go under what the rest of the world ever sees. However, they’ll make a big impact on how you look because they’ll provide you that tight, taut tummy every woman wants.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t still try to lose a couple pounds. Most of us could use dropping a pound or two, but this can be difficult when you’re dragging some extra weight to the gym with you. This is where a workout waist cincher can make all the difference. You’ll be brimming with confidence when you arrive at the gym and you’ll most likely be more physically comfortable working out too.

While a waist training cincher is definitely a good investment, you’ll most likely love how one looks under your work clothes or normal outfits too. Get a few you can wear and you’ll never have to feel out of place out of your home. Your spouse will absolutely love how you look too.


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A Better Body Is Easier than Ever

By femmebasics.com

We all have an idea of what a better body looks like, but for a lot of us, the answer probably involves having a bit less space around our waists. Isn’t that why we eat right? Isn’t that why we go to the gym and push ourselves? It’s why we do all kinds of things to ensure our bodies look their best and remain attractive to our spouses.

female working outOf course, sometimes, it’s tough to keep this maintenance up. You may get busy or life just becomes a bit overwhelming. Sometimes, the way our body looks isn’t necessarily the problem. Instead, we just want to look a bit sexy for a special night. Maybe you just want a bit of sex appeal by wearing something daring below your normal clothes.

Whatever the case, a waist cincher is a tremendous way to get these results. They’re gorgeous to behold and will pull your waists in nice and tight to help keep your body looking amazing. Even if you’re in the best shape of your life, the best waist cincher will help you look even better.

Plus, they’re designed to look as sexy as possible so the moment your partner sees it, they’re going to know what’s on your mind.

Want a better body? Of course you do! Well, it’s easier than ever these days and all it takes is a waist trainer! Femme Basics has a wide selection of these trainers which can give your body the help it needs to look its best.

Modern jackets for women

Written by Jacket Society

When you think of modern jackets for women, quilted jackets should now top the list. These jackets are not just stylish; they also known for their practicality and durability. They are extremely warm yet fashionable overcoats for wintertime.

jacketsociety1The traditional designs of these quilted jackets have evolved to appear up-to-date and fashionable. This is yet another example of an old style coming back into fashion. They are also widely available with a variety of interesting characteristics like storage compartments, storm cuffs and water-resistant materials. These are what make the jackets functional.

Because of the fabric used the jackets are really comfortable. When you think of quilted fabric, you would not expect it to be comfortable. They are also strong and yet light. You can pick them up in a variety of colors and styles to suit your wardrobe. These quilted jackets are a symbol of elegance and class. Everyone should have one of these in their wardrobes.

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Women Jacket Trends To Watch Out For

Written by Jacket Society

Jacket trends are constantly evolving and women are faced with numerous choices when it comes to wearing the jacket in style. With spring and summer just around the corner, you might think that the jacket would be banished from your wardrobe. However, these modern jackets for women trends show that these clothing items are ideal to worn even during hotter months.

Boyfriend Blazer

Womens boyfriend blazer is ideal for warmer months. This is because this jacket represents everything’s that casual and is thus ideally worn with shorts or slim jeans. The boyfriend blazer being quite loose and voluminous does not warm up the wearer so much as a regular blazer would. For the summer denim boyfriend blazers can be worn with vibrant colored leggings and shorts. Casual pencil skirts in flower prints would also complement the boyfriend blazer.

Vibrant Colors

For the summer, there is nothing better than wearing vibrant colors. However, for office settings, these colors might be toned down. Instead, you might focus on wearing colors that are reminiscent of more vibrants ones without necessarily clashing with the formal office environment. As such colors such as toned down pinks or pastel blues might be opted for when choosing a blazer. Blazers in these colors complement jeans as well as pants. They can be worn with a plain white t-shirt.

Jacket Society is a fashion start up offering a variety of designer women jackets that can be worn in both casual and formal settings. The store also feature advice articles on how to choose the best blazers.

Gift Ideas for College Students

Written by: Bedding Style

Heading to a college campus to begin a new year is an exciting time in a student’s life. Whether starting as a first-year freshman or returning to campus, there are so many things to get involved in, so many friends to reconnect with (or to meet for the first time), and friends and family get the opportunity to support the student’s endeavors. So what are some great gift ideas for college students? Don’t go the simple gift card route; instead find items that college students really need, such as comforters, linens, and other essentials.

When shopping for the perfect teen bedding, be sure to keep in mind school colors, the student’s particular dorm room color scheme, or look for entire matching sets to avoid purchasing the wrong color.

Many students prefer specific materials or brands such as Nautica bedding. Nautica is known for its durability, and for its set of luxury bedding. Nautica sets typically come with comforters and pillow cases, so they are perfect for outfitting a boy’s dorm room.

If it’s intended to be a surprise, you can usually have the item shipped directly to the dorm. Like a thoughtful care package, just waiting for the student to come home and unwrap your surprise. Also, be sure to phone the student ahead to ask about things like favorite colors or styles. It’s also helpful to ask if they will be at their dorm when you send the bedding in the mail, to help avoid theft in the dorms.