Spray Tanning: So Many Options, So Little Time

For both novice and expert tanners alike, the tanning world offers a variety of options. It can be somewhat overwhelming to decide between the different types of equipment and the best spray tan solution. Should you invest in hvlp equipment or airbrush equipment? Should you invest in your own equipment or simply go to your local salon? Obviously, one needs to evaluate the most cost effective route based on their budget as well as assess how to get the highest quality tan.

Two choices in spray tanning are airbrush or HVLP. What exactly is the difference? For starters, airbrush application uses a gun that typically looks like a pen or a small pistol and works with a compressor. Airbrush tans normally take about 15 to 20 minutes

HVLP stands for High Volume, Low Pressure and works with a turbine system. HVLP is an extremely quick process. The average client can transform into bronze in just six minutes. Of course both of these processes rely on the skill of the technician in order to achieve the desired result.

So which route should you go? There are a few factors to consider. Airbrush kits are less expensive to get started with; however, there are HVLP kits that are cheaper than the most expensive airbrush kits. Airbrush kits are characteristically portable which can make them somewhat more convenient. An issue to consider with HVLP is that the systems can make a significant amount of noise. This can be an issue depending on the environment in a salon or home. HVLP systems can also emit heat so it’s wise to use these systems in an area with proper ventilation.

Whichever route you choose, we recommend researching a technician first and asking any questions you may have. In regards to salons and technicians, it’s crucial to educate yourself on the various types of systems and products in body spray tanning to ensure client satisfaction.

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Finding the Best and Affordable Wholesale Cosmetics Online

Justice clothing can make or break an image you are trying to portray having the right cosmetics as well can make a major difference in your overall look. Going beyond simply make up and other accessories, wearing the right perfume or cologne can help create the perfect atmosphere around you. While some perfumes and colognes may be quite expensive there is hope for those out there looking to expand their own perfume and cologne selection using wholesale cosmetics.

By specializing in providing affordable goods directly to consumers from producers, wholesale clothing and cosmetic providers conducting business online are able to offer various products at a fraction of the cost you may find elsewhere. This is especially true when compared to traditional brick and mortar stores that have extensive additional overhead costs due to their off-line nature and the need to operate physical businesses.

When looking for new fragrances to add to your own collection, whether it is wholesale men cologne or wholesale women perfume, providers such as Apparel Showroom carry just what you need and more in order to allow you to find a wide selection of goods all in one place. Because of their online nature and their direct connection to providers around the world they are able to make large selections of goods available at highly affordable prices so that you can benefit. The next time you’re in the market for new perfume or cologne be sure to check out wholesale providers online to see what savings they may be able to pass on to you.

As Seen On TV Music, The Best Music Albums Ever Produced

When you are trying to purchase the purchase mix of some of your favorite music, the fact is that as seen on TV music are arguably some of the best collections ever put together.  These types of as seen on television products are really having an impact on the life consumers as they are providing very high quality products that are genuine and true in what they are promising to deliver to consumers.

Products that are as seen on television are a dime a dozen.  There are products that promise that they can do tremendous things, but the truth is that some of them are perfect while others are not quite as good as they claim. What you need to do is to sift through these products in a productive way so that you can see which products are truly the best.  This means that you may not want to buy the product as soon as you see it on the television.  Instead, you may want to do some research around the product in order to be able to find out if it does what it says and is the perfect product for you.

As seen on TV grass seed and other similar products sold by as seen on TV guys and their web site, are really having a huge impact and recording some quality sales numbers.  Music collections such as Time Life music are known to be some of the best compilations ever put together, and you will love the tunes that come with these sets.

The History of Vodka

Vodka is a popular and versatile spirit that has a long and fascinating history that dates back centuries from its origins in Eastern Europe to its recent global prominence. Today, we invite you to delve into the captivating history of vodka and appreciate its enduring legacy.

The exact origins of vodka remain shrouded in mystery. But it is widely believed that it emerged in Eastern Europe, specifically in Russia, Poland, and Sweden. The art of distillation was likely introduced to these regions during the 8th or 9th century, leading to the production of early versions of vodka using fermented grains. Initially regarded for its medicinal properties, vodka quickly gained popularity as a recreational beverage at social gatherings and celebrations.

Over time, advancements were made in vodka production techniques which refined the process of distillation. The introduction of pot stills followed by column stills allowed for greater purity and higher alcohol content. In the 19th century, Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev played a pivotal role by establishing alcohol proof as a concept.

This set the stage for standardized vodka production methods, ensuring consistent quality across batches. During the 20th century, vodka’s popularity transcended beyond Eastern Europe. The Russian Revolution as well as Prohibition in the United States created opportunities for Russian and Polish emigrants to introduce vodka to new markets. With its clean and neutral taste profile, vodka became highly adaptable for use in various cocktails. Additionally, flavored vodkas expanded mixology enthusiasts’ horizons even further.

In our modern era, vodka has firmly established itself as one of the most widely consumed spirits worldwide. It has become synonymous with elegance, innovation, and exceptional craftsmanship. Distillers from around the globe produce an extensive range of vodkas, which each possess distinct characteristics and flavor profiles. One notable modern-day vodka manufacturer is the Austrian company NEFT Vodka.

NEFT Vodka is an award-winning brand that describes itself as “for adventure-seekers and bon vivant tastemakers.” The brand uses an acclaimed recipe consisting of distilled Alpine spring water and sustainably-sourced rye grains that uses no additives. If reading this article has piqued your curiosity, NEFT Vodka is the perfect introduction to the world of vodka.

How to Find the Best LASIK Provider For You

If you have weighed your options and have determined that LASIK surgery is right for you, given your vision, lifestyle, and financial position, then the next step is to find a business for the procedure. Paying attention to some of the less obvious details can help you find a business that is a good fit for you.


All of the businesses you find online that offer LASIK offer the same general procedure but some may use different kinds of technology. During your initial consultation you should ask about the process and what kind of machine will be used. Just like how freshlook color blends can make a big difference, using a more advanced machine can offer a higher degree of accuracy and precision. If you are going to pay a lot for LASIK surgery, you want to be certain that the business is using the best tools out there.

Customer Experience

Something to keep in mind when paying for any kind of product or service, whether that is a new computer or contacts from Lens.com, is the overall customer service experience. This is important because it can make or break how valuable it is to the customer. With regards to LASIK surgery, some businesses will offer different kinds of services that will help you through the process. In addition to a consultation before the procedure, for example, a business may offer follow-up check-ups or transportation back to your house at no extra charge. These may seem like small details but they can make the potentially life-changing process more pleasant.

Best Practices for Cleaning Your Contact Lenses

For someone who is new to wearing contact lenses the act of cleaning them can feel intimidating. Keeping your lenses crisp is likely much easier than you think, as it only requires you to follow some simple sanitary steps.

Avoid Recycling Solution

The only reason why you should be cleaning a pair of contact lenses is to be able to wear them again. Contact solution is an essential tool for keeping your lenses in good working condition but you need to be careful before you apply just any kind of solution. For starters, do not use any contact solution that has been used on contacts before.

Even if you let your bausch and lomb contact lenses soak for just an hour before putting them back in, that is more than enough time for the solution to become contaminated with the dirt and other tiny particles that were washed off. It might seem more convenient to just recycle solution and you might feel like you are saving some money but this is an easy way to get a serious eye infection.

Avoid Expired Solution

Another common mistake some people make is not checking the bottle before use. On the bottle you will find an expiration date. To ensure that your bottle of solution is still safe to use you should only use solution that has not yet expired. Beyond this date the solution might not be as strong and it can possibly even have negative effects on the Lens.com lenses. A new bottle of contact solution will cost you much less than an appointment at a doctor’s office.

What Makes Contact Lenses So Expensive?

Summary: Contact lenses, as you might know already, can cost you a pretty penny. Here are some factors that raise the price.

If you’re about to purchase contact lenses, you may be in for an expensive treat. After a visit to your local optometrist, he or she will recommend a specific type of contact lens and model that best suits your personal needs. However, this might also come with a pretty steep price tag. Here are some factors that might come into play that will make your contact lenses much more expensive.

Special Enhancements

Contact lenses that come with astigmatism correction are generally priced higher than those that only address nearsightedness or farsightedness. Soft contact lenses such as the Biofinity Energys or other models that correct astigmatism are called toric lenses. They can easily run close to around $600 and higher. Prices vary as astigmatism lenses are sold as either daily wear or extended wear.

Contact lenses that correct nearsightedness and farsightedness are typically priced less than those that correct special vision problems like astigmatism. However, if you suffer from dry eyes, you may need to pay more for the extra lubricant these models have. Moreover, these types of lenses come as disposable soft contact lenses and can be sold at around $30 and up for a box of six lenses.

Specialty Lenses

Specialty contact lenses, like colored contact lenses for example, will cost significantly more than your standard extended wear models. Tinted lenses are another type that enhances the color of the eye and can cost you more than double of what you originally paid for standard lenses. Anything that requires an enhancement to the lens itself will generally raise the price, so be prepared to pay an additional fee for this. You can also regularly shop around on various sites such as Lens.com for example, to check for the lowest prices and opt for the easier online shopping route instead.

How Long Do Colored Contact Lenses Last?

Summary: The shelf life on colored contact lenses depend on a variety of factors. This article aims to sum up any questions you might have regarding the overall longevity of your contacts.

The shelf life on colored contact lenses can last anywhere from a single day up to one year after you break the seal. There are many factors that come into play however, including the specific brand that you are using. Some lenses last longer than others so it’s important to refer to the packaging for a better understand on when your contacts will expire.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a definitive answer. If you lost the packaging and do not know the expiration date, there are online resources that can help you figure out how long your specific contact lenses are designed to last. Or, you can look to contact the company you purchased them from to look up your purchase. Doing so can help you figure out what you purchased and when they expire.

How Long Will They Last Before Being Opened

If you do not break the seal on your contacts, they can last for a number of years if stored in the correct temperature and remain in the solution. However, once you open them, the timer begins. You need to keep in mind if your contact lenses are opened towards the end of your expiration date, they may not last as long. Be sure to check with your optician with the brand you chose to double-check.

It’s important not to take any risks and consult with a professional if you have any questions. This way, you’ll not only get an idea of how long they’ll last further down the line, but he or she can answer any questions you might have about your contact lenses themselves.

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How Much Will Contacts Cost You?

Summary: There are a number of factors that come into play when determining the overall price of contact lenses.

The price of contact lenses isn’t going to be the same for everyone. Furthermore, the cost of an eye exam from your local ophthalmologist has to be added on top of the product itself. According to a number of characteristics determined by your eye doctor, you will be prescribed a recommended contact lens brand and lens power that may run at a higher cost than other brands.

Prescriptions that have a design such as anti-reflection is one of the many factors that contribute to the overall price. So, when you’re asking yourself how much are contacts going to cost in the long run, it should be noted that wherever you purchase, it’ll be unique to your personal needs.

Some Cost Factors

Every eye doctor will have his or her own fee for an eye exam, but expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $100. Many insurance plans often incorporate vision care into their health plans which will cover an annual exam and some other costs. Be sure to check with your insurance company to see if it will cover anything vision-related.

Daily disposable contact lenses are one of the most convenient and popular choices among contact wearers in the market. These are often worn in the morning and thrown away at the end of the day after use. Because a fresh pair of contacts are worn daily, a box will contain a pair for each day. 30 lenses for example, may run you anywhere from $20 to over $100 per box, depending on where you shop. Be sure to look around for the best prices on sites such as Lens.com.

The Ethnic Side of Cosmetic Surgery

Article by Dr. Jan Zemplenyi

When it comes to a variety of cosmetic surgery procedures, the demand for surgical enhancement has exploded around the world. Now, it should come to no surprise that cosmetic surgery is performed much differently in Korea as it is in Los Angeles. However, one of the biggest surprises comes that all cosmetic surgery is considered ethnic.

A Caucasian Take

Consider this, there is nothing universal about the unmarked cosmetic surgery procedures in the county. Now, breast implants are obviously gendered but they are racialized – white – and classed for the higher-income status. So, why is it that white women are looking to make their breast larger in size and stature? Well, to be honest, the answer is much more complicated than you might think. The desire to achieve bigger breasts is indirectly related to changing fashion trends.

The second most popular surgery in this country is rhinoplasty, or nose jobs. The racialization of nose jobs is pretty apparent. Cosmetic surgery actually began by fixing the noses of Irish and Jewish men and women. Again, white women tend to try and recreate a nose that’s almost too small to fit a normal face. Not only are most consumers of cosmetic surgery white and female, but they tend to be middle-aged as well. The obsession with looking younger could be due to the fact that they want to be desirable while still looking both innocent and pure.

The Bottom Line

Cosmetic surgery has exploded into a worldwide trend. In many cases, people view these procedures as a standard to follow. It doesn’t matter if you’re Caucasian, Dominican or Japanese American, when you go under the knife you’re making the decision to follow societal patterns, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, there should be some consideration involved.

Blog written by Dr. Jan Zemplenyi. Read Jan Zemplenyi reviews from real customers to see what makes Dr. Jan Zemplenyi a top cosmetic surgeon.


The Importance of Cleaning Your Treasured Religious Jewelry

Summary: Taking time out of your day to clean your religious jewelry every so often can keep it looking shiny and as good as new.

Each timeless piece of religious jewelry that you own should be cleaned and handled with gentle care, so it can gleam brightly and brilliantly like it once did when you first purchased it.

Beyond the Shine

Now, the importance of cleaning your jewelry actually goes beyond just making it look shiny and new. While it’s great to own a polished piece that’s in good condition, you must understand that it’s also important to prevent it from being damaged from oils, dirt, and bacteria. This not only prolongs the life of your jewelry, but it’s hygienic as well.

If you’re looking to avoid cleaning your jewelry often, it’s important to ensure that it remains as clean as possible when you are wearing it. There are numerous environmental factors that will affect your jewelry throughout the day which causes it to become dirty and dull. However, with proper care, you avoid this.

An Ongoing Process

Keeping that precious religious jewelry clean is a process that never stops as long as you wear them. Even if you’re just collecting them, it’s best to clean them every now and then. However, one way that you can avoid damaging your jewelry is to take each piece off when you’re cleaning the house or cooking – as dirt, oil, and other environmental factors can have a dire effect. Also, avoid getting any perfume, hair spray, and other chemicals away from your jewelry as it will eventually build up a layer of grime that takes away from the overall shine of the piece – if caught early, it can be easily removed.

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