How to Get the Best Spray Tan

A spray tan is one of the healthiest tanning options on the market today, allowing men and women to get that sun-kissed glow without harming their bodies. But even a spray tan can go wrong. Many people go into the spray tanning booth thinking that they will have the perfect tan without realizing that color matters. Another mistake is going to the wrong spray tanning artist, someone who doesn’t have the right training or enough experience. So how do you get that perfect spray tan? Here are a few tips on how to get the best spray tan before a special event.

Select a method: When it comes to spray tanning, there are two main ways to get a golden spray tan: tanning booth or spray tan artist. A tanning booth is a great idea if you want a quick natural-looking tan. It takes only a few minutes. It’s also ideal for people who are shy and don’t want to bare their skin for a spray tan artist. The only issue with the tanning booth is that it may not get every part of your body.

However, if you’re not shy about bearing your body, a tan from a spray tanning artist is a better method to get a spray tan. A tan artist can apply the spray tan according to your specifications, and will make sure that every area of your body is covered. You can even get the artist to add contouring.

Research spray tan products: Once you’ve selected a method, it’s time to research spray tan products before you head to a salon. Not every salon offers quality products. For example, some salons might offer an organic airbrush tanning solution that doesn’t irritate your skin.

Go for a test run. Whether you go into a spray tanning booth or trust a personal spray tanning artist, it’s important to do a test run on a small area of your body before applying it everywhere. A test run will not only ensure that you get the right color, but also that you’re not allergic to the product. After you’ve tested a small portion of your body, you can even do another test run on your entire body. A test spray should be applied at least a month before a special event.

Take the time to prep your entire body. Before you can achieve a perfect sunless tan, you will need to prep your body. The best way to prepare your skin for a spray tan is to exfoliate your skin first. Next, get rid of all unwanted hair. Exfoliated skin free of unwanted hair is the best foundation to a great looking tan. Final tip: skip the lotion.


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