Essential Equipment for Your Spa

When it comes to running a profitable spa, you need a talented staff that can provide the most relaxing experience. However, without the right equipment, this staff will only be able to do so much. Keep reading for the basics every good spa needs.

You won’t get far with your spa without quality massage tables. These tables should be large enough to accommodate guests of all sizes, but still make it easy for your masseuses to access their bodies. The padding these tables provide should be sufficient as well.

Purchasing the right facial chairs is about comfort and access. You want your customers to be able to sit for a long period of time in complete comfort while your staff works on them. At the same time, your staff should not have to struggle in order to get the angle they need to successfully work on your customers.

A good spa will also need chairs for customers to sit in while they receive pedicures. Comfort is important here too, but also speak with your pedicurists. See what they would like in a chair that would help them provide the best care they can.

These are just a few of the many pieces of equipment you might find necessary for your spa. Hopefully the theme of what to look for is evident though. It should be comfortable for your customers to sit or lie on while making it easy for your professionals to provide their service.


Article submitted by Comfort Soul. The company provides the salon and spa equipment your business needs, from pedicure chairs to massage chairs and fresh linens.