Silver Dollars Makes the Family Hollar

Collecting coins is a fun hobby for people of all ages. Younger kids are drawn to the shininess of silver dollars while the elderly can reflect on their collection and admire at how currency and human economy has changed over time.  Some coins that you might think are no longer used might even still be an accepted form of currency depending on where you go. Coins have come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and have varying worth. Morgan silver dollars are a very popular coin to have in any collection. 

People often take for granted the engraved pictures and text that is etched into the face of the coin. As you begin to collect more coins that are no longer used anymore, you will notice the evolving style of printing on our currency. You might even find that some of the coins that you own are worth much more than you think. Avid collectors will pay a generous sum for coins that were created for a limited time only such that there are only a handful of that specific coin in existence.

Whether you have a silver dollar or two, or a vault of ancient dubloons that ancient explorers lost to the current of time, you are sure to find something enriching and fun in your coin collection. Should physical currency ever become a thing of the past, you will have the equivalent of your own museum of the precious metal that many have fought and died to obtain.

How to be Trendy in Medical Uniform

Lab coats are traditionally supposed to be white, clean and standard for everyone.  With all that drab whiteness, patients sometimes may feel lethargic and a bit of fear as they associate the lab coats with bad news. Not so anymore, you can now get lab coats and other uniform in trendy styles. Blazer, J-coat, Ipad, swing style, cardigan, trench style and button down styles are just some of the trendy lab coats that can be found on the market today. They also come in colors other than white like blue and black.

Scrub tops are also becoming trendier by the day. The nurses can now feel more stylish and comfortable in their work. Varied designs have appeared in the last few year examples being V-neck, center pleat, cross over saddle stitch, piping crossover, piping, round neck, tencel crisscross, pleat neck, floral, solid snap, work wear, faux wrap, sweet Bella, white swan and so many more designs. Medical staff have no more reason to look drab and bored. These fashion scrubs can be worn by all sizes and can be customized for different members of staff.

Medical uniform can be had from different designers and labels. Landau’s, Grey’s Anatomy, Peaches uniform, Katherine Heigl, and Cherokee are just some of the labels on offer. Medical uniform from these labels as trendy and can be designed just as the staff would want it. There are all kinds of uniforms on offer; lab coats, scrubs tops, bottoms, and even full suits. There is no excuse for being drab and dull.