Common Car Seat Mistakes Parents Might Be Making

Based on statistics about 4 to 5 children die every day due to car crashes. In fact, this has been the leading cause of death among children. Having good restraints while travelling, such as a mountain buggy stroller,can prevent accidents that could be fatal. Even if when people invest on high quality strollers such as Bob strollers, some people tend to overlook important factors that will compromise the efficiency of a car seat stroller.

Make sure that the car seat stroller you purchase is appropriate for your child’s age, height and weight. As you child grows, the type of car seat will also need to change. It also has been said that a rear facing car seat is recommended for kids aged 2 and below. Once they meet the required minimum weight (this varies from one state to another) you can now purchase a car seat that allows your child to face forward. You may also want to check the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines to know when to change your child’s car seat. Another thing that you should keep in mind is to never use or purchase used car seats. You will never know if it has been in an accident, missing any parts or if it has exceeded the maximum years of usage which is usually 6 years.


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