Gift Ideas for College Students

Written by: Bedding Style

Heading to a college campus to begin a new year is an exciting time in a student’s life. Whether starting as a first-year freshman or returning to campus, there are so many things to get involved in, so many friends to reconnect with (or to meet for the first time), and friends and family get the opportunity to support the student’s endeavors. So what are some great gift ideas for college students? Don’t go the simple gift card route; instead find items that college students really need, such as comforters, linens, and other essentials.

When shopping for the perfect teen bedding, be sure to keep in mind school colors, the student’s particular dorm room color scheme, or look for entire matching sets to avoid purchasing the wrong color.

Many students prefer specific materials or brands such as Nautica bedding. Nautica is known for its durability, and for its set of luxury bedding. Nautica sets typically come with comforters and pillow cases, so they are perfect for outfitting a boy’s dorm room.

If it’s intended to be a surprise, you can usually have the item shipped directly to the dorm. Like a thoughtful care package, just waiting for the student to come home and unwrap your surprise. Also, be sure to phone the student ahead to ask about things like favorite colors or styles. It’s also helpful to ask if they will be at their dorm when you send the bedding in the mail, to help avoid theft in the dorms.