How to Shop for Quality Spa Furniture

Buying new spa furniture for your business may seem overwhelming at first, but the ultimate goal is to provide consistency and comfort for your clients. Most people expect luxury while at a day spa, so finding a way to obtain high quality furniture at reasonable prices is the problem that needs to be solved.


Quality is one of the most important factors when choosing spa equipment. Companies that cut costs by using sub-par materials should be avoided. High-grade polyurethane foam superior vinyl covering, and industrial strength steel framing should be on your checklist when shopping for new spa equipment. Using cheap alluminum will cause damage to your furniture over time. If you are buying wood furniture, make sure it is thick so it will not warp. Your customers will be able to tell the difference, because high-end materials give the most comfort. Keep a luxurious image by only using the best of the best.


Companies that value your time as a business owner will provide you with furniture delivered in one piece. This assures you of its quality. If you assemble it yourself, you could be liable for any damages. Let the company you buy from take that responsibility. Good companies offer user friendly websites to make your shopping experience quick and easy. They should include every model carried so you can browse and compare items.

Online transactions should be secure to protect your information. They should also offer a phone service to order if you prefer not to use the website. Shipping should occur within two to three business days. The company should accept all major credit cards, money orders and checks. Payment options should also be available.

Customer Service

Customer service is incredibly important when you are buying new spa equipment. The staff should be trained to answer a variety of questions whether you are a first time customer or a returning one. Expect customer service to be available at least five days a week.


You don’t need to go out of budget to obtain high-end spa furniture. Choose factory-direct retailers that sell the best spa equipment you can find. A good deal on quality spa furniture ranges from $450 to $2500 dollars depending on what chair or table you choose to buy. This accommodates a wide range of budgets and needs. No matter what piece of spa furniture you buy, expect the same guarantees.


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Helpful tips to start a spray tanning business

The success of any business depends on the amount of planning and preparation that goes in to staring it up as well as running it on a daily business. If you have decided to start up a spray tanning business, this is a very profitable business considering the high demand for it resulting from the increased awareness of the dangers of too much exposure to the sun.

The high demand means there are many tanning businesses in operation and these are some facts you should look into to ensure that your tanning salon or mobile spray tan business is successful and will stay ahead of the stiff completion:

Initial expenses and how you are going to fund it:

These expenses will include purchasing spray tan kits , spray tan systems and other products including a spray tanning tent, airbrush tan solution and other accessories as well as the fees you will have to incur to undergo a training program, rental deposits, rental payments and advertising costs. You will need to work out the expenses and come up with a way to raise the capital. If you need to take a loan compare the rates offered by several lending institutions which will let you get a lower rate.

If capital expenses are a problem, a mobile spray tan business will be your option since it involves less overhead expenses.

Get a thorough training: to keep up with the others in the business and to make a name for yourself, you cannot leave any room for errors.  This is where a good training will go a long way.  Undergoing a professional training course will give you the knowledge on how to operate the tanning guns, on how to choose the right airbrush tan solution to suit different skin types along with other important aspects which will result in a good spray tan.

Artesian Tan offers several training programs to choose from in addition to having a wide range of spray tanning products which can be bought at affordable prices.

Purchasing equipment: you will need to shop around to find out the best deals that will fit within your budget for the best quality spray tanning systems, spray tan kits and other items you need. Shopping online will give access to a large number of sellers from whom you can select what is best suited to you. Artesian Tan is one such online store which is a one stop shop for all spray tanning needs both for home use and business.

Marketing: you need to give plenty of publicity to your new business in order to have clients come to you. Advertisements in local newspaper will make people aware of your business


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How to shop for clothing on a budget

The present economy has resulted in many layoffs and many families have to do with much less money than they had. This means that spending has been curtailed with luxuries having to be foregone. Faced with this situation you may think that shopping for new clothes will be not possible, but thanks to wholesale clothing stores you can still be well dressed and stylish without upsetting the tight budget.

Online wholesale clothing stores like Apparel Showroom stock up on overstocks and leftovers from reputed manufacturers and importers from around the Los Angeles area and this includes clothing items from well-known brand names as well, so therefore there is no question as to the quality of the clothing and other accessories available for sale. The fact that they purchase in very large quantities makes it possible for them to offer it to the public at prices even lower than normal wholesale prices.

Most importantly Apparel Showroom does not have a minimum order quantity like many other wholesale dealers who will have a $100.00 minimum order limit. Here you have the freedom to purchase even one item of clothing at a time at wholesale prices or lesser.

The range of items on sale include wholesale tops, shoes, accessories, dresses and even wholesale lingerie and a range of men’s wear as well as wholesale clothing for children as well, so that the whole family can benefit from it.

The range of formal dresses available from a mere $9.00 will guarantee to keep your teenaged daughter happy without having to spend hundreds of dollars on the same dress at a normal retail store. After all these are the same wholesale bras and clothes from the same manufacturers and importers which are purchased by the leading stores and sold at exorbitant prices.

You can also select from the range of wholesale accessories including sunglasses, belts, hats and jewelry to compliment the look and these are available from as little as $2.50. If you thought you will not be able to afford to buy new boots for the winter you need not worry, they are available in various sizes and designs ranging from the comfortable daily wear ones to the high fashion ones and all these are available from prices ranging from $15.00 to $30.00.

Give your spirit a lift and enjoy a shopping spree at Apparel Showroom and purchase wholesale lingerie and shoes without the guilt of over spending.

You could even consider starting your own online clothing store and earn money by purchasing clothing and accessories at the lowest possible prices you will find which will enable you to make a considerable profit.


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Make Her Feel Special, at Special Prices

Admit it, you love her. You would do anything for that one special woman in your life, from helping her up in the morning, to tucking her into bed at night, we all have a soft spot for that one, or few, special women in our lives. From our mothers who birthed and raised us to be the upstanding young, and not-so-young gentlemen that we are, to our girlfriends, wives, sisters, and daughters, we all have a special place in our hearts for them.

This coming holiday season, make her feel extra special with the latest in high fashion and personal care from the world’s top designer brands, at less than designer prices with quality wholesalers across the country. Keep her safe from the cold with the newest in trendy wholesale scarves. Make her day with the fresh and charming scents with quality wholesale women perfume. Whatever your choice or desire, many of the best brand are available online through quality online wholesale outlets.

So, next time you’re in the market to make your special lady feels extra special, choose to save with the best in value wholesale. Keep up to date with the trends with designer labels, designer brands, and the best in high fashion. Keep her feeling special with the best in luxury personal care and cosmetics, without the luxurious price tags. Make her feel special, and make the best out of your relationship, without the special prices that take the best out of your wallet.

Mommy Tools-To-Go

Whether it is a day at the office or a night out with the boys/girls, there is one thing that we always keep in mind, that’s looking good. Almost everybody wants to look young and hip and so people these days always keep an eye out for the latest trends, and that shouldn’t come to a halt just because you gave birth and have to carry a toddler around your arms. There are classier ways to bring your toddler to places without having to sacrifice looks, namely with a prams or baby jogger strollers, just to name a few.

                When you’re walking down the street or to the neighborhood park, you’d want to be able to bring along your toddler because fresh air and sunlight are key to the holistic growth of a child after all, and so you have to consider where you’re going to put your child. Both the pram and strollers offer the support you need to carry around your child, and enough space for all the baby toys. If you’re the classy person looking for the exotic look, the Victorian-style Inglesina pram is for you; however, if you’re the sporty-type wanting the most comfort and versatility, the baby jogger stroller is suitable for you.

                At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether you get the Inglesina pram or a baby jogger stroller, the bottom line is that you invested in a toddler carriage that allows you to not only bring your toddler around, but to look good doing so.

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A Holistic Experience

If you’re the one who’s usually particular about the way that you look, then you might be one of the many others who have taken their quest for self-gratification to the salon or the spa. More than self-pampering, the spa offers a multitude of services that aim to relax, getting you in touch with your inner body chi and revitalize your otherwise tired body. However, nothing becomes more counterproductive to this relaxing experience than a very uncomfortable procedure chair.

Newer spas employ more state-of-the-art procedure chairs that are typically softer for comfort, and provide better support for the back – in part of a holistic relaxation experience. Memory foam, for those that don’t know, is a cushion made out of more rigid components that shift its shape appropriate to the contours of your body, aptly hugging each body type into its most relaxed supported position.

In fact, these kinds of technological wonders have become so prevalent that it is inching towards becoming an industry standard – even adapted by salons in the form of facial chairs. This improvement has shifted people’s preferences towards places that offer these kinds of chairs, because they’re rather pay for this added bonus than not at all.

Modern salon furniture have also adapted these improvements into their main-stay equipment – often mounting these memory foam chairs onto electric and mechanical tables which help them move their clients around without having the past hassle of too much exertion – making it much a much easier and pleasant experience for everyone.


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