Purchasing an Antique Ring or an Estate Ring

Written by: Cynthia Findlay Antiques

Shopping for vintage jewellery can make your engagement a one-of-a-kind affair.

A new trend in engagement ring shopping is to shop for vintage jewellery. The one-of-a-kind look adds sentiment to the purchase, and the ring can be distinct depending on the era that it was made from. Some brides just want the character that an older ring can bring to their wedding set. Antique rings may also have a higher quality diamond, or a more elaborate design than a modern piece. Here are a few tips to help you decide on the kind of antique or estate ring you want to help symbolize your love.


An estate ring is most likely an heirloom. It’s usually sold an estate sale, or by a broker that is licensed to sell estate jewellery. Aside from how it’s sold, estate jewellery can refer to rings of any age, but the most popular styles are from 1910 to 1960.

Four Cs

All jewelers use a set of rules nicknamed the four c’s when appraising a ring for value. They first look at the cut of the diamond, get a feel for its clarity, then they observe color and make note of the carat. The diamonds for antique rings were typically cut by hand, so the stones should have a unique shape to them. The shimmer of the stone will also give you an idea of the clarity of it. Diamonds can also have soft tints, so choose a color that fits the style you want.

Care and Maintenance of Your Wedding Ring

Written by: Chic Jewelry

Searching for a wedding ring, and a marital partner, can take a long time. Getting married is an investment in your life, and one that you will hopefully grow throughout time. That love and companionship is symbolized in the ring that the two of you will wear for the rest of your lives. Taking care of that ring is an extension of taking care of your relationship, treat it with respect and it will shine for life.

You can and should insure the ring, but you may need a jewelry online repair shop to manage repairs if something happens.

Insure the Ring

The ring is a very valuable possession, not just financially but sentimentally as well. You should insure the ring to try to recoup losses if you ever lose it or it is stolen. You can add a jewelry rider to your home owner’s insurance policy, or you can buy into special insurance through an insurance group.

To get insurance for your ring, you will need to secure a few things first:

  • A description of the ring, including the cut, weight and metal
  • A closeup photo of the ring
  • Extra precautions you take for security, like a home security system

Secure these documents and you’re ready for insurance.

Cleaning a Ring

Your ring is subject to oils, dirt and grime from a variety of sources. Even the lotion you wear on your hands can cause damage to the ring over time. Soak the ring in warm water with a few drops of dishwashing liquid. It’s not a heavy duty cleaner, but it will keep the ring looking shiny day to day. You can also use ammonia and cold water to get the desired sheen. Note that the ammonia method works only with diamonds, so avoid use on a platinum cz anniversary ring.

Visiting the Jeweler

When it comes to a setting that is loose or in danger of breaking, it’s best to get professional ring repair done at your local jeweler. Ring maintenance can and should include visits twice per year to your jeweler. The jeweler will inspect the quality of the settings, and can clean the ring with professional grade cleaners too.

Day to Day

If you want your ring to last the longest, take it off when you are doing something that requires you to use your hands. Besides the physical safety (what if you broke your ring finger), activities like swimming or washing dishes can cause serious damage to your ring over time. Slip your ring off and keep it in a jewelry box or drawer. Don’t leave it out on vacation either, use the hotel safe to stash it.