How Long Do Colored Contact Lenses Last?

Summary: The shelf life on colored contact lenses depend on a variety of factors. This article aims to sum up any questions you might have regarding the overall longevity of your contacts.

The shelf life on colored contact lenses can last anywhere from a single day up to one year after you break the seal. There are many factors that come into play however, including the specific brand that you are using. Some lenses last longer than others so it’s important to refer to the packaging for a better understand on when your contacts will expire.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a definitive answer. If you lost the packaging and do not know the expiration date, there are online resources that can help you figure out how long your specific contact lenses are designed to last. Or, you can look to contact the company you purchased them from to look up your purchase. Doing so can help you figure out what you purchased and when they expire.

How Long Will They Last Before Being Opened

If you do not break the seal on your contacts, they can last for a number of years if stored in the correct temperature and remain in the solution. However, once you open them, the timer begins. You need to keep in mind if your contact lenses are opened towards the end of your expiration date, they may not last as long. Be sure to check with your optician with the brand you chose to double-check.

It’s important not to take any risks and consult with a professional if you have any questions. This way, you’ll not only get an idea of how long they’ll last further down the line, but he or she can answer any questions you might have about your contact lenses themselves.

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