Gift Ideas for Kids That Aren’t Toys

Every kid loves a good toy, but it’s hard trying to find the right one. They may already have it, or it might not be quite the one they want. Even worse is when the toy is too expensive or hard to find. Rather than toy shopping, give kids something practical. Unfortunately, most practical gifts have a bad reputation for being boring. If you know how to pitch your gift to kids, you can be a birthday super star.

Bedroom Gifts

Teen bedding will give parents everything they need to outfit a child’s bedroom. Check with the child ahead of time to get an idea of her favorite colors, and patterns. You can usually find affordable bedding online, with a reasonable thread count, and have it shipped directly to the parent’s home in time for the birthday celebration.

Bedding sets aren’t the only bedroom gift worth giving. Accessories, like fun alarm clocks and quirky lamps, also make for great gifts. Anything to help build a theme in the bedroom would be a welcome addition that will last for many years to come.


Kids are always growing out of last year’s clothes, so those are never a bad idea. If you’re struggling to find a size or style she might like, try gifting her a gift card for her favorite store and offering a day of shopping. You can meet up later, buy lunch and enjoy a nice day out finding new outfits. Clothes are boring unless you look for ways to involve kids in buying them, so try to be spontaneous and pay close attention to what kids truly love.

Art Supplies

If you want a gift that is thinking outside the box, try art supplies. A new set of colored pencils and a sketchbook are all you need to get out and have some fun. Art supplies can get expensive though. If the child is an amateur, try a simple sketchbook paired with some pens or pencils. You can also try different mediums, like clay or water colors. Pair your supplies with the next gift idea and you might find an exciting outing, in addition to fostering an artistic talent.


Beddingand clothes are really gifts for parents, but you can get kids excited for them if you know how to approach them. The best advice for thinking outside the box is to have a plan. If you decide to buy art supplies, for instance, enroll children in a local art class and take it with them. This way you can both learn while you grow.

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