Open Bust Shape Wear

Many women would consider shape wear to be a God send. It helps them look great and looking great make them feel great. Shape wear comes in a wide range of styles and colors that coordinate well with virtually any style of clothing. Worn under clothing, shape wear was designed to give the body a smoother, shapelier appearance by hiding unsightly bulges. Ann Chery is just one popular brand name in shape wear, which features products in a wide range of styles and support options – from a simple shorts style piece to full-body suits for maximum control. Shape wear comes in a few alternative styles that are made from select materials as well. They are designed to provide a greater degree of control and support for more problematic areas. The latex waist cincher is one example of these alternative styles.


Contrary to popular belief, shape wear is not just for people who may be overweight or carrying around a few extra pounds. Shape wear can benefit nearly every body type by accentuating the positive aspects of a body while minimizing the areas that may not be so positive. Shape wear can be worn under pants, dresses, skirts or any other type of clothing.