Best Practices for Cleaning Your Contact Lenses

For someone who is new to wearing contact lenses the act of cleaning them can feel intimidating. Keeping your lenses crisp is likely much easier than you think, as it only requires you to follow some simple sanitary steps.

Avoid Recycling Solution

The only reason why you should be cleaning a pair of contact lenses is to be able to wear them again. Contact solution is an essential tool for keeping your lenses in good working condition but you need to be careful before you apply just any kind of solution. For starters, do not use any contact solution that has been used on contacts before.

Even if you let your bausch and lomb contact lenses soak for just an hour before putting them back in, that is more than enough time for the solution to become contaminated with the dirt and other tiny particles that were washed off. It might seem more convenient to just recycle solution and you might feel like you are saving some money but this is an easy way to get a serious eye infection.

Avoid Expired Solution

Another common mistake some people make is not checking the bottle before use. On the bottle you will find an expiration date. To ensure that your bottle of solution is still safe to use you should only use solution that has not yet expired. Beyond this date the solution might not be as strong and it can possibly even have negative effects on the lenses. A new bottle of contact solution will cost you much less than an appointment at a doctor’s office.