Co’Coon Shapewear, Black Waist Cincher, and More

Corsets are thought to be a thing of the past, something outdated and no longer used. Now they are making a huge comeback, although not in the same fashion. Known as fajas modeladoras, or waist cinchers, they are abdominal tightening, belly flattening corsets that trim down the midsection and gives the wearer curves. There are various retailers online that sell and promote various brands of waist cinchers to both men and women alike.

Waist cinchers have various uses. The top two reasons they are purchased are firstly, to give the woman curves and often appear skinnier, and secondly, to help strengthen the abdominal muscles after a damaging event, such as a pregnancy. These can be worn by both men and women, and used to the same effect. And if used correctly, no pain should be felt from wearing this. Cinchers are also worn to correct posture. By keeping the midsection erect and straight, it prevents slouching and leaning, resulting in a straight back and improved posture.

There are various types of waist cinchers to choose from. There are rubber waist cinchers, which provides additionally firm boning within the cincher. This prevents it from rolling up and keeps it tightly straight all day long. This type of cincher has been shown to help burn more calories and lose weight than the average cotton cincher. You can choose from camisoles, bodysuits, open vests, or a corset, and a color to fit what you need. From black waist cinchers to nude colored, there is something for everyone.

There are a lot of different brands out there and it could be hard to tell which offers the best quality waist cinchers that are worth investing your money in. A good brand will offer both latex and cotton cinchers, with double hook positioning, so that it doesn’t come undone throughout the day while continuously stabilizing your posture.  Some brands, such as Co’Coon Shapewear, will be available for purchase from most websites that sell cinchers. If they are hard to find or you don’t see them often while browsing, chances are the company is not very well known and their product could be a risky investment.

Waist cinchers are great for improving your body image and correcting your posture. And they are easily available and come in many different varieties to help find your favorite fit. A web search is an easy way to find different waist cinchers, or searching your favorite store could yield some results. Good luck and happy shopping!


Guest post is provided by Doubletake Shapewear, selling the black waist cincher and other fajas modeladoras. Visit their website at for more information.