The Importance of the Proper Day Spa Equipment

If you’re a massage therapist or an esthetician, then you know the importance of using the proper equipment.  You need to have the right equipment, such as facial chairs, in order keep your customers as comfortable as possible.  Other important pieces of equipment involve facial machines, styling stools, salon chairs, and massage beds.

Most of the services that are offered at a spa put the customer in a vulnerable position.  Some services can even accompany some pain along with the pleasure and pampering.  The client trusts you with their health, beauty, and of course money.  For this reason, it’s vital to invest in high-quality and safe equipment that will keep your customers coming back over and over again.  You want to select chairs and tables that will help them relax as much as possible.  Not only will they be happier with their overall spa experience, but it will make it easier to do your job correctly.

One of the most important types of equipment in a spa today is massage beds.  While it’s easy to find very cheap beds that are used or on sale, it’s best to make sure that you know where the bed is coming from.  The right massage bed should be sturdy and yet soft enough to keep the client comfortable.  You also want to make sure that it’s clean and in an overall good condition.  Another thing to consider in this day and age is the amount of weight that the bed can hold.  We live in a time of a very high level of obesity rates.  Therefore, it’s good to consider an oversized bed as an option for customers.  You also want to make sure that the bed is easy for you to move around.

Another piece of equipment that you might have not considered before is one for the practitioners.  Particularly for estheticians, your comfort is just as important as the client!  It’s smart to invest in some comfortable and well-made chairs so that you can do your job to the best of your ability.  If you’re comfortable and happy during your customer’s treatment, they will feel that ease from you and relax even more.

For the success of your career as a practitioner and the success of your spa, it’s a smart idea to invest in some high-quality equipment.  Both you and your customers will be happy that you did!


Guest post is submitted by Comfort Soul, a leading carrier of day spa equipment, including facial tables.  Check out their website for more information.